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About Olive Roots

Olive Roots was created in order to provide an one-stop-shop solution for US-based buyers who wish to add artisan food products from Greece & Cyprus to their portfolios.


It is important to us to provide peace of mind to our US partners when it comes to sourcing products from our two beautiful countries.


The stories of our producers are inspiring. The products are pure, flavorful, sustainable and created using traditional recipes & methods of production.


We are re-inventing the image of Greek products in America and wish to help consumers upgrade from “Greek-style” products to authentic, delicious and healthy foods which are made in Cyprus and Greece, using ingredients from our lands and the experienced hands of our producers.

We aspire to help authentic artisan products from Greece & Cyprus reach their full potential in the US market and teach every American how to #EatLikeAGreek by following the Mediterranean Diet.

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