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Our line of Greek dips & sauces

  • The spinach passionately engulfs the feta cheese to create a flavor bursting experience.

  • It is excellent as a dip,superb with mashed potato, delicious as a pizza topping and just divine with pasta.

  • Inspired by a summer salad with beetroot and feta cubes.

  • A very harmonious combination of the 3 main ingredients that blend splendidly and yet have a distinct presence in every mouthful.

  • A rich and stunning flavor.

  • A remarkably aromatic condiment made with peas, mint and lemon.

  • The mint offers its magnificent freshness to each bite.

  • Thrilling with fish and shrimp, wondrous in a sandwich, excellent as a pizza topping, spectacular with pasta.

  • In Greece, when enjoying a traditional Greek salad, everyone adores to dip fresh bread into the dressing of the salad that has sat on the bottom of the bowl.

  • This dipping sauce was inspired and based on that exact flavor and experience.

  • It can be a dipping sauce; it can be a Greek salad dressing but also a tomato sauce for pasta, pizza or casserole dishes, a pouring sauce for fish, meat & vegetables & more…

Our line of traditional carob products from Cyprus

  • Carob syrup

  • Carob powder

  • Carob filter coffee

  • Carob tea

  • Carob Cream with hazelnut praline

  • Organic Tahini with Carob syrup

Thyme honey & thyme, forest & wild herbs honey

Producer Facts: Our search for honey was not an easy process. We were looking for great taste & traditional beekeeping methods. We had to visit a lot of villages in the mainland and the islands of Greece and taste a lot of different honeys. It wasn’t until we reached the mountains of Crete that we discovered a family with 5 kids, beekeepers for over 3 generations who lived in a small village and moved the beehives around the mountain every other day in order to find the rarest herbs of Crete. No more words. You have to taste the honey.

Product Facts: In the mountains of Crete – where our honey is produced - vegetation is dense, consisting of native herbs, trees, shrubs many of which are rare and only flourish on the island , away from the city pollution. Plants such asprothymos (white thyme), dittany, pine, sage, thyme , etc. are found in abundance.

Health/Nutrition: Honey is a true treasure of health and power. Its value has been appreciated since ancient times. It was a key ingredient in the diet of ancient populations and was used both for their nutrition and as a component in pharmaceutical formulations. It is absorbed immediately, so it is a quick source of energy for the body, athletes, children, pregnant women, sick people, and for every troubled organism. Honey has minerals known as trace elements, which play a major role in metabolism and nutrition, are components of the skeleton and cells, participate in various enzyme systems, and finally regulate stomach acidity. It also has antiseptic properties, it is tonic, it increases the heart rate, reduces stomach ulcer problems and generally contributes to the good functioning of the human body. It’s a natural sweetener, rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, which are a source of natural antioxidants. It is also free of fat and cholesterol.

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