A LINE of handmade Greek pasta

Producer Facts: Since June 2016 the young MELIMA family overtook an old workshop with long experience and endless traditional recipes. Every day the team transforms the purest Greek ingredients into excellent products, which are bringing a taste of Greece to the world. All products are produced in the workshop;  handmade and naturally air dried pasta with semolina and whole wheat flour grinded under low temperatures of the stone mill, sauces, Greek appetizers, flavored sea salt and healthy desserts.

Product Facts: The Melima team selects durum wheat varieties cultivated in high altitudes & grinded under low temperatures between the round stones of the stone mill. They follow an old family recipe: they open a big hug to include the finest and most pure ingredients, which offer to their pasta a unique taste and color. Melima pasta is hand shaped and produced in small quantities, without preservatives. It is dried at room temperature for 4 to 6 days, and not in a heat dryer, in order to preserve all the vitamins and flavor of the Greek countryside.

  • Fresh vegetable Waves (no eggs-vegan)

  • Three colourTagliolini with Nests (saffron-spinach-tomato)

  • Spicy radiatori (no eggs)

  • Traditional casarecce (no eggs)

  • Squid ink & Saffron fettuccine nests

Family of Greek pasta with mushrooms

Producer Facts: The Mushroom Museum of Meteora is one of the few globally. It aims to show and promote this great fruit of the Greek land and how mushroom cultivation and hunting can add value to the local economies, while respecting the nature and the environment. The Museum has created a line of original products from the forests and fields of Greece that fully keep their aroma and nutritional elements. The line includes, dehydrated mushrooms, mushroom powders, truffle oils as well as mushroom based products such as mushroom soup, pilaf with boletus mushroom, noodles with mushroom and more.

Product Facts:

  • Linguine with Black Truffle

  • Traditional Noodles Pasta with Truffle

  • Fusilli with Mushrooms

  • Mushroom shaped pasta with Boletus

  • Traditional “petoura” pasta with mushrooms

  • Whole-grain gemelli pasta with Coprinus comatus & Aronia

  • Traditional noodles with Goji berry, Boletus & vegetables

  • Traditional noodles with mushrooms

  • Orzo with Boletus mushrooms

  • Whole grain macaroni pasta with Boletus

  • Traditional small sized noodles with mushrooms

Health/Nutrition: Semolina wheat which is the main ingredient for most products of this line is a good source of protein and it is low in fat.