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Organic grape juice syrup

Producer Facts: This business started as a chemical lab in Kalamata. Then they started creating amazing products based on grapes. The first one was this organic grape juice syrup. George Karagelis, a graduate of chemistry and specialization in wines has dedicated his life in teaching and creating outstanding products.

Product Facts: This is a certified organic grape juice syrup produced by 100% organic grapes of mount Pylia. The condensation takes place in the company’s facilities using a special processing unit which ensures high product quality as the process is done under low temperatures, maintaining the nutrients and flavors of the grape at the highest degree.

This grape juice syrup stands out compared to the classic molasses with dark black color that can be typically found in the market. Its lighter color is a proof that this product is not “burnt” and it was produced under ideal conditions to ensure its great quality.

It can be consumed in shots as an instant energy booster. It also has great applicability in cooking; you can use it to marinate meat as well as mix it with olive oil and vinegar in order to create salad dressings. It is also used in pastry as a sweetener.

Health/Nutrition: This organic grape juice syrup is rich in energy, calcium and iron.

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