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Halloumi cheese from cyprus

Producer Facts: Olive Roots has developed a portfolio of select halloumi cheese producers based in Cyprus. We work with our producers to help them scale up, create innovative products and convert into organic farming. We have boots on the ground to control quality, quantities and timeliness for our US customers. We continuously look for new variations of halloumi such as lactose free, organic, “red” (cooked for a longer period) and more.

Product Facts:

  • Traditional halloumi cheese (sheep & goat or 100% sheep)

  • Organic halloumi (100% goat or sheep & goat milk)

  • Low-lactose halloumi

  • “Red” halloumi (this is an over-roasted version produced only in a specific area of Cyprus)

  • ▪Handmade halloumi (100% sheep)

Health/Nutrition: Good source of protein and calcium like all cheeses. Low lactose content but higher sodium content, compared to other cheeses, because of added salt.


Producer Facts: Olive Roots has partnered with a feta cheese producer, based in Greece.  Our producer has been selling feta cheese successfully in the United States and internationally for many years. The cheese can be offered in retail packaging with our brand or private labeled as well as in bulk.

Product Facts: We offer traditional P.D.O feta, barreled feta, aged barrel feta as well as organic feta all made with sheep & goat’s milk from Greece. We also offer other popular Greek cheeses such as kefalotyri and kasseri.

Health/Nutrition: Great source of calcium and vitamin B12. Feta is easier to digest and much less allergenic and inflammatory than cheeses from cow’s milk.

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