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June 19, 2018

Greek high phenolic olive oil makes its first US appearance at the Fancy Food Show at Booth #4844

New York, Summer Fancy Food Show A new olive oil category that is increasingly getting more attention because of its health benefits is making its first appearance at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

High Phenolic Olive Oils are those Extra Virgin olive oils that contain high phenolic compounds, called polyphenols which are directly related to the health benefits of olive oil. According to an EU health claim, “the intake of 20gr (1tbs) of high phenolic olive oil contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”. UC Davis and Harvard University embrace this idea and have backed it up with research. Polyphenol – rich olive oils have been found to help lower blood pressure, protect the arteries from damage and lower bad cholesterol. 

Olive Roots Ltd, the Mediterranean start-up which promises to bring the “champions” of each food category to the US market has selected this olive oil among many candidates. “We wanted to provide one of the best oils in this category at an affordable price so that everyone can start their day with a spoonful of this liquid gold. Laconian Legacy’s high phenolic olive oil has one of the highest phenolic compounds we have seen. This, coupled with the fresh taste, the richness in antioxidants, the monovarietal nature and the owner’s commitment to create exceptional products made this olive oil stand out” said Katerina Barka, Founder & CEO of Olive Roots who will be hosting Laconian Legacy’s products at Booth 4844 during the Summer Fancy Food Show 2018.


About Laconian Legacy

Founded by a former executive manager in a Forbes 100 FMCG company, Laconian Legacy is committed to develop high nutritional products. "While Observing modern diseases and after studying back history including Hippocrates’ Diet, I felt the inner need to develop a product that can be a functional food with proven benefits to everyday life. Athinolia variety, cultivated in our family estate, is a rare one, native only to Laconia area, so special that it is protected by the EU!”, mentioned Metaxia Retzeka, Founder of Laconian Legacy.

Although Laconian Legacy is a newly established business of just 1.5 years, it already carries 3 Gold awards in the high phenolic category due to the high concentration of polyphenols among other high phenolic olive oils. Recently, Laconian Legacy was awarded by HRH princess Basma Bint Ali of Jordan at Aristoleo awards 2018 during a wonderful event in Nicosia, Cyprus.


Laconian Legacy at Zingerman’s

Laconian Legacy will make its official debut in the US market this summer at Zingerman's. Brad Hedeman,  Zingerman's Director of product selection said "We've spent years searching for a Greek estate oil we'd want on our shelves and we finally found one in Laconian Legacy. Full bodied, flavorful, and unique among the list of truly excellent European olive oils, it's my favorite oil to come out of Greece for as long as I've been paying attention (which has been a while)."

Meet Laconian Legacy at Olive Roots’ Booth (#4844) during the Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 and do not forget to check their social media for a wealth of information about olive oil!

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