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Sea salts

Producer Facts: Since June 2016 the young MELIMA family overtook an old workshop with long experience and endless traditional recipes. Every day the team transforms the purest Greek ingredients into excellent products, which are bringing a taste of Greece to the world. All products are produced in the workshop;  handmade and naturally air dried pasta with semolina and whole wheat flour grinded under low temperatures of the stone mill, sauces, Greek appetizers, flavored sea salt and healthy desserts.

Product Facts: All natural sea salt collected from the marshes of Lesvos Island on sunny days, preferably after strong rain, and mixed with unique Greek herbs and spices. You can use it to add flavor to marinades, soups, stews and salads.

  • Sea salt with Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon peels: Sea Salt 93%, Lemon Peel 3%, Garlic 2%, Rosemary 2%

  • Three color sea salt with Saffron: Sea Salt 91%, Red Pepper, Spinach, Paprika, Herbs, Saffron 0.5%

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