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Our Team

Co-founders : Katerina & Constantinos

Being partners in life and in business, Katerina & Constantinos started Olive Roots in 2016 in the United States with the vision to provide retailers with authentic Greek foods made by artisan producers as opposed to mass production items. In order to achieve this, they invented the concept of “scalable authenticity” by helping producers increase their production capabilities without discounts in quality. Fast forward to today, Olive Roots has evolved to a global food sourcing and consolidation company, partnering with prestigious retailers from every corner of the world, providing them with an unparallel service with regards to imported items from Europe and beyond. Today, Olive Roots, has made it possible for category managers to bring to their shelves foods from every corner of Europe in a seamless process without having to worry about negotiations with suppliers, minimum quantities, labeling, regulatory compliance, logistics and importation hassles and marketing.

Katerina, focuses her work on client service, ensuring that our clients are well taken care of and constantly surprised with our work. She is a passionate cook and foodie and loves to read food labels and challenge food producers about the ingredients they use. Katerina studied economics, international business & investment management in Greece and the United States. Prior to Olive Roots she worked in the Wealth Management sector in Boston, MA.

Constantinos, a visioner and strategist by nature, oversees the business operations and business development. Constantinos entrepreneurial spirit has led him launching successful businesses in other sectors as well, while he is one of the most influential people in energy in Greece, having spent time advising the Government.

Constantinos is an Electrical engineer, and he studied business and public administration in Greece and the United States and he is a Harvard graduate.

Katerina & Constantinos live between Greece and Cyprus and have 3 children. They enjoy the simple lifestyle sharing their time between their small countryside town in Cyprus and  Messinia, Greece while taking short breaks to visit clients and suppliers all over the world.

Francesca, Operations Manager

Francesca, spent three summers interning at Olive Roots since she started her studies in business at the University of Cyprus. She is now the company’s Operations Manager overseeing all processes related with supplier due diligence and exports. Francesca loves to travel and she is Olive Roots' frontwoman in food exhibitions. At the moment, she is completing her MBA while enjoying short trips all over Europe.

Zannetta, Marketing Associate

Zannetta, an artist and fashion-designer at heart, joined Olive Roots during her last year of studies as a Marketing Associate. She spends her time supporting our clients’ marketing departments with creative material for all brands they carry through Olive Roots.

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